Made Up Face

Well I decided to face one of my greatest fears today and attempt to make up a face. Turns out doing those face studies really helped! I'm pretty surprised/happy with the turnout, its definitely the most believable made up face I've done so far. So hopefully by next year, Ill have gotten over my fear of faces, and have some much better made up faces to show.

.....something about that eye is funky :/

Haha anyway happy new years everyone, and I hope you all achieve whatever you set out to do in 2009

Old Arch

Referenced some old domey architecture, made up here and there.



This is a tribute to the Russian bloggers that inspired me to start blogging.

Low Ship

Did some quality beaching/reminiscing with some old friends. A nice day indeed.


All done!

Well, if that gosh darned clay model isn't finished and our presentations all over....
The judges didn't like my car much, so take it or leave it for what it is. I'm still pretty proud of getting through what seemed like clay hell and back with the awesome guys in the sophomore studio. Big thanks to everyone for help and especially Caleb, Roman, Rob and all the super duper GM clay modelers for helping our clueless asses. Anyway here's pictures of the presentation and such. I know some people took more pictures but they haven't surfaced yet so until then, this is all you get!

Jae Park's Jet inspired car took first^^

Jaymer Starbody's Clubbin Car took third^^


siler car revisited

Summer project rendered in hypershot

pictures of the PGW presentation will be coming as soon as whoever took them all will post them up.


This is the clay as it sits as of last night. I toned down the butt on the roof a bit and started carving in the fenders (finally!) It has a name now too(I'll explain it later). Presenting on Tuesday so it's gonna be a crazy week.


Thanksgiving clay

We've been working feverishly on our clay models lately and things are finally starting to come together. Here's where I left off last night. Today I'm off to Cleveland to visit the super cool CIA peoples and have some turkey! Anyways, happy thanksgiving and don't forget to stuff your faces.



This koala character's been popping up in a bunch of my viscom work lately so yea. He's a shifty character.


PGW sketches

Started roughing out my final board for the term project and thought this blob of freshly scanned sketches was amusing.


People practice

Quick study. I should do one a night, or I'll never be able to draw people on my own.

And this is a sand animation my animation buddy Erin showed me how to do. Cheered me up on a pretty downer night, thanks Erin!


Some progress on the clay, overlays trying to figure out some surfaces and adjusting proportions a bit (smushed the greenhouse about an inch)