Back home in Miami. Finally. It's about 60 degrees...not superbad but enough to keep me from working on the car. Also I'm realizing that I'm deathly allergic to my dog :(, and he hasn't stopped following me since I got home.

Anyway, I started a CCS bloggers group for anybody that cares. There is a swell mix of illustration, Product, Trans, Auto, Animation, etc kids all posting up links.

It's time to relax a bit and slow down and sleep in and eat good food and see the sun and the sky and all the pretty little animals after a warp speed semester..


CCS Thingamajigger

This is our new big room thing, under construction. Check back this time next year, it should be done.


An oldie from 2004..geesh

The first stage in the CCS student manufacturing process

Stage 2

Stage 3



Pissed gal

Shes pissed about something, who knows what. I think she's about to do something about it though.



A little snag in the yacht build has popped up. After getting second, third, fourth opinions on the vacuum formability of my plastic canopy, the general consensus is "hell no." So I will be forced to option C, milling a foam mold of the entire canopy surface, with draft etc, skipping option B (making a perfect fitting mold by hand, which would take forever and a half, and would also probably come out looking like crap).

This thing never ends.

Saw this Lego Detroit Public Library and got excited. Detroit pride is somehow slowly seeping into me.

And no introduction needed for this one...

Via Speckyboy


Yacht build process

spent most of today fitting and bondo blending some brass tubes into the hull

Literally had to clean those teeth with a tooth brush

The canopy free of it's gooey jelly shell



Thanksgiving (in cleveland) this year was great fun. With a bunch of college kids cooking thanksgiving dinner (uh ohhzzz) I was expecting the worst, but actually it was the best. It must have been the love we put into the gourmet mashed potatoes. And finding the guts bag, very moist, still inside the turkey3 quarters of the way through the meal. MMMMMmmmm.

On the CCS side of things, lots of work is happening. I'm already finding myself running down the hallways when nobody is looking. I can feel the time ticking away like melty cheese. The shop has been surprisingly empty, it's like an amusement park with no lines, except with disk sanders and giant bandsaws.

Well, this is a rare sans pictures post. Savor it, they only come around every couple decades.


2 classmate's boats fresh off the mill

Niel screwing around with the ductomatic

She's Here

Born into our physical world with a bit of killer spinny robot magic.



CCS Illustration Buddy Tony Kieren's quite cool portrait of CCS/DASH Buddy Rafael Dos Santos. With a skeleton behind him for some odd reason.

Check the blog http://aekieren.blogspot.com/


Look ma, no hands!

I woke up this morning to get a peek at the plastic printer doing it's thing. This is still so magical to me....like....I know we're in the future and everything, but this is SOOO COOOLL!! Imagine when everybody has these 3d printers in their homes. Buy a couch on ebay and it prints out, full color and materials within the hour. 3d chain letters, etc etc.

Anyway here it is! (giddy school girl giggles)


240z porn

Just saw this short over at Jalopnik
It's kind of cheesy, yes, but the red 240z in the beginning was just too perfect to resist. Awwww yeaaa.
I need to get mine road worthy over winter break. The morgan aero and gtr are nice too haha.



Well, about 12 hours later.....

And I'm here. Looks just about the same doesn't it. That's because stitching (getting it all nice and watertight) is like medieval torture. seriously 12 hours. I literally burst out in tears of joy and hugged my teacher when it finally worked. Maybe not the tears but I really did hug him. Anyway, the plane represents the 3d plastic printer's workable area (13.5" square) so my 27" piece is chopped in half to fit (It's pretty toighttt). Anyway, I'm gonna turn the blasted file in tomorrow for printing, hopefully my 12 hours was not in vain.



more MOAR

More screwing around with the canopy. Ribs added, I'm thinking 1/10" or 1/8" thick lightly smoked or two way mirror (EXPENSIVE) Plexiglas vac formed over this should look something like whats on the tube. Still not sure how or "if" I'm gonna cut out the mirror panels (heliostats) from the large Plexi piece. Ayyyayayyy



Above deck has been bothering me this whole time. Today I made it my mission to improve and redo it. It's airier, more organic and fits with the hull better me thinks. Hopefully the structure is thick enough (1/4 inch) to at least hold up it's own weight when it is 3d printed. If not, Its back to the old canopy design and a foam mold/vacuum forming plastic.

Oh and we had a kickass 3 hour dodgeball session today at school. wooooo!!!!
Jon Zack me, lauren and a whole mess of people are going to the zoo tomorow too so expect some sketchezzzzz


Syracuse wtf

I was screwing around with CVs, and stumbled upon this. I think it looks neat, but of course it's totally non functional. The new canopy will be something a bit more organic (than the previous ones), but the same idea basically. Also trying to get more greeky with it. Vaccum forming (possibly plexiglass) will be involved. Bye.



For "image making" class. We have a group of 9 working on a fake videogame



Halloween was too much fun. Boat will soon come into the physical world. Robot with useless grasshopper legs and smiley rockets.


Bob James - Nautilus

Love love love this song
Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo


Syracuse V3d

Latest revision, ditched the Dynarig sails.

with a better keel....oh god this its gonna be another 5 hours of modeling for that keel....

Also, everyone is catching the tapered mainsail battens as a Chinese visual cue, although the sails are not a Chinese design functionally.

Using horizontal battens, to me isn't as aesthetically pleasing. I need to find an excuse to use the tapered battens. Also I'm not sure, but would the tapered battens cause problems with the sail's airfoil shape?

The same mirror array, but with more segments. Which do you guys like better?