I haven't drawn a car for fun in a while, so after a midterm talk with my instructor, I did this. I tried to do something I usually don't do, which is to be automotive. Probably doesn't make sense since I'm studying automotive design, but usually I try to get away with being as unautomotive as possible. Weird.


OX thumbnails

Another 15x20 gauche on the way. Some preliminary studies

OX, chillin on a leisurely Hong Kong street

Man and pet koala overlooking the overly Chinese mountain scenery

Digital thumbnails


OX revisions

Welp took it in to class, got alot of good feedback, mostly that the side surfaces sucked balls. Which I was thinking in the back of my head, but now I have confirmation. Tried to work some more love into the front and rear as well. The interior and roof are left unscathed for now. CURSE YOU ALIASS!!!!


I'm a sucker for this stuff...

Full screen.

Drift Mechanik's Don't Stop from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

And my MR2 buddy Peter Graves modeled this nickel sized 4age! Pretty anal if you ask me!

He thinks only old farts with kids model, but I think it's still pretty cool.

And here's a real life 4ag! (these go into MR2s btw)

Just for you Jon



Well, I've devoted most of my spring break to this whore, so here she is.


Dan Webb's Golden submarine

Contemporary hotrod..love it except for the wheels

WTFFF Datsun pickup

They had a little tuner section in the corner too..

Pure sex

My favorite ratrod of the day

The cheezy night rider booth

Crispy Mach 5

A rather psycho Isetta

A good solid day of car porn.


my schedule is doomed

Getting closer to finished with the exterior. Interior is another story. Gnight



This is what it does to me. It's so great to be free! Break has been pretty fun so far, I'm suprised all my roomies are still here! Today was Autorama day, (huge hot rod show) tons of inspiration and just plain cool cars, plus more girls than I see in an entire year at CCS. That might be a bad thing. Anyways, pictures will be coming of that soon. In the meantime...



This is an absolutely anal, all aluminum, model corsair that took 5 years and 6000 hours of labor to hand craft. Yes. By Young Park, a retired dentist.


And this is my lame in comparison eggship. I had a sudden urge to model it last night. WTF