Teaching at CDA

Hey blog, It's official I'll be teaching Modo at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena next term. More details soon! http://conceptdesignacad.blogspot.com/


Space Junk 3D behind the scenes

Hey guys..this is a quick behind the scenes of a science film production I contributed to (space station and space ship collector) starting at 2:25.

It should be out sometime in February


Bugship model Kit

Hey blog, time for some news!  I'm really excited to be working with Michael Fichtenmayer of Industria Mekanica and FitchenFoo to produce a fancy schmancy model kit of the Bugship!  Check out his work if you haven't already, really high quality stuff!

So far it's in the early stages, here's what we've been up to so far.

Made a new interior tonight, I'm scared it might be too delicate, but we'll see.
I'm not done beating this dead horse yet!


Ok I'm gonna call this finished....it's been loitering around for too long.


Samurai Champloo AMV: Gang Starr - Battle

Just finished watching Samurai Champloo for the first time. Catching up on TV from the past decade...
It's got an amazing feel to it, the fight scenes are just epic upon epic.


TRON: Uprising

So here's the next project!  For the next 5 months I'll be working on the animated TV show Tron: Uprising, designing vehicles and props.  I'm really excited by how the show is looking so far, and will probably start having dreams on the grid soon.

Alberto Mielgo is art directing, whose paintings I have been drooling over for years over at his blog.
Charlie Bean is directing, after a little research I found he's been involved with alot of the cartoons I used to watch after school every day like Dexter's lab, Powerpuff girls, Samurai Jack and Ren and Stimpy.
I still can't believe this is really happening.  It's truly a dream job nerdgasm.

Thanks for the hookup Annis!


Thank you!

Here's the super awesome going away gift from the team at Mattel.  They stole one of my cars and painted it  funky new age colors which I'm still trying to digest.  Everyone I worked with except for the lovely engineers in Bangkok signed it too!  I was overwhelmed with this gift, although its just a 2.5" piece of metal, it's probably the most sentimental 2.5" piece of metal possible for me.  I'll always smile when I look back on the past 7 months working a dream job at Mattel.  Thanks all!

It's got super duper microscopic pinstriping on the fuel tank courtesy of Brandon Ozaki!


Busy week

Hi blog.  I usually don't write, but these past few weeks have been crazy.  I wrapped up my 7 months at Mattel on friday.  I can't believe how many late nights spread over a whole team of designers, planners, engineers, licensors etc goes into into these little pieces of metal.  Here's a pic of the line I worked on at the San Diego Comic Con a few months ago.  They should be coming out soon.  Can you guess who they are?

My buddy Paul did the two big guys on the bottom left, and the lovely Fraser Campbell did the key sketch for Superman which I took through to production.

Package Mock up by Sam



700 posts.  That's almost 1 post every 2 days for the past 4 years.  I have no life.


Sell out

Hi all,

The Starship Pimperprises (high res 3566 x 1241 px) are available in print if anyone is interested.

2' wide poster is about $20.
4' wide for $50 if you're feeling frisky.



bugship 11 wip

Added some panel lines with a bump map, plus little details here and there.  Once I'm done texturing I think this version will be finished.  Next up is rebuilding this for mini scale 3d printing.



Turns out this 3d printing business isn't as easy as it seems.  My test models failed the pre screening tests because of walls under the minimum thickness limit and messed up normals.  I have alot of work ahead of me.  Someone give me $1000 so I can print it out in one solid chunk.

On the plus side I found this nifty (and free) program called netfabb that's got alot of really cool features like one click cross sections, automated mesh fixing, mesh reduction, resizing, volume/area calculations and one click wall thickness measurements.  Verrry handy.