MoonRod WIP Engine, pedals

Here's some progress on the moonrod.  I'm realizing it's more of a themed hotrod than a purpose built moon vehicle, so the engine has become more conventional looking.  It probably isn't internal combustion but it's got that vibe.  Alot of things are pretty impractical/whimsical but I think it builds character.  Also playing with graphics. 



Tron Uprising Roadster

Here's one of the first vehicles I worked on for Tron: Uprising.  The design started by Annis Naeem and Daniel Simon then handed off to me for refinement and modelling.  It's seen in episode 8, The Reward.  I'm happy to finally be able to show this now that the episode is out!  Also the writers decided to name it the VL1, can't complain here!

As seen in Tron: Uprising Episode 8 The Reward


Gung Gung

Grandpa recently passed away.  My uncle sent me this picture of him afterwards, never seen him hold a brush before.  But I'm happy to have known him for the past few years, enjoy his awesome cooking and stories about China, Jamaica, stealing chickens from the neighbors as a child etc.  Miss you Gung Gung.  


In lieu of actual work - some pictures from the interwebs


Modo CDA 2012

Hi all, I'll be teaching at Intro to Modo and Vehicle design at Concept Design Academy.  The term starts next week, registration is still open.  If you're in the Pasadena area, check it out!  Here's some student work from Modo last term.

Christian Scheurer

Jeremiah Lee

John Park

Saiful Haque

Eugene Wu