Year of the ox

Starting up our final project: China car
Somehow I'm gonna make a water buffalo into a car.
My roommate Chi screwed around with my sketch in photoshop and came up with something pretty sexy in my lowly sophomore opinion. So thanks Chi, and I'm using this for studio :)



Bedtime sketches

Found this psycho crazy Yamato Space ship on some lego sci-fi blog. Don't click the link unless you have time to kill. Yay blogs.

And I don't know what these are for yet. On a side note, somehow I miss the Cubans back home and all their mambo crap.



Here is a lovely Lancia Stratos HF, doing it's thing. The decals really make this thing badass. Probably my favorite car design ever.

The process for this study was to trace over the image with paths in photoshop, have the main colors broken down into big blocks on separate layers, then use the preserve transparency option to keep my painting within those blocks. Block in main values/reflections, then move onto details like headlamps, decals etc. And about 4 hours later, Stratos!



Well not really. The old senior Indy projects from...2 terms ago? Either way..may the jobs finding force be with them.


Finishing up the Caddy

This ones got some serious proportion problems, and now I know I hate rendering interiors.

Process + Cadillac

Figure study, yes I know there's alot left between each step :/

Trying to finish this damn Cadillac project, the premise of the interior is to be producty (simple, pure) in form and have the details fold flush with the IP when not in use. (or at least look like they can)


Detroit Library Update

Went to the public library today, just because I haven't gone there yet. There were really big old smelling rooms filled with books. I guess that's what I was expecting anyway.

Turns out Jon also went to the library for the first time on the same day, we had no idea, we swear! Thanks for the pictures Jon!

There was a nice big marble (?) staircase too:

Oh and then we went to Toys R Us and got a bowling set for our hallway. Pics soon..

Update on the Cadillac. I rediscovered the lasso tool out of necessity with this shape. (getting sharp edges in photoshop is a pain)

Front view for that egg ship I posted a while ago

For the new school project involving a certain brand that begins with C ends with adillac.


Figures and P45

Some more 90 second figures

And mr Ferrari P45

Syd and stuff

Finally met Syd Mead at his CCS lecture yesterday, the auditorium was packed and people were camping out way before he arrived. I really hope by now you know who Syd Mead is, right? Hand of buttery smoothness style drafting master "visual futurist" is how I would put it. Anyways, it was fun seeing THE man and his work in person, a lifetime's worth of crazy gauche!

Here's his website and some of his paintings.

Here's my first gauche painting, for viscom class
Thumbnail: 4"x6"

Full size in progress: 15"x20"

some figures for tonight


Amber and Lars

Found this on the CA boards. Amber(7) and Lars (6), probably the youngest digital painter/bloggers I've ever seen/will see!
Theres some perspective problems but overall pretty gangster



Nostalgia moments

Ahh...the beast, back in it's prime. Too bad the track closed, it would've been a good season :(
I need to sell this thing btw, anyone need a 1/10 on road nitro race car?

This is totally normal

This weekend's homework



Concept ships

Got a spot on conceptships.blogspot.com

My favorite blog hands down!!!!!!!! Every day I'm inspired by the stuff they have on there. Anyways, bookmark bookmark bookmark.


Death Train

Heres some more interior studio work.

Basically a rollercoaster on legs. This ones a bit freaky, the final design may be a bit friendlier, like so:

The legs on this one will be swapped for something more articulate. I'm thinking it'll run something like this Look out for some final renderings by tomorrow.



Well the Local Motors crew is in town, we had a nice chat with Ariel, Aurel, and Jay over some super duper deep dish pizza at Pizza Papalis in Greektown. It was great finally meeting these characters, especially Aurel, who I've been admiring since freshmen year in highschool. We even had a bit of nerdy blog / photoshop talk inbetween all the LM/CCS talk. Good times...

If I can find Aurel on facebook I'll try to get pics up.

And here's a sample of what I'm doing for interior studio