Taste of Detroit

The grass is very tall here.

Inside the Argonaut.

Evan Mai's Junior Year Cadillac

Some of the Senior pickup trucks from last year
BBeggs' Junior Harley
Jae's Junior Moon *ahem* Arctic Vehicle
Kelly, Boris, Jose and Myself up on the wall.
The view from the 11th floor.



A doodle from this summer.  I want to do a render of this eventually

And this is the magic of powerwall.  I need to get the presentation chopped up for portfolio, the rest is coming soon.



Most of this is Rob Cunningham's work for the Homeworld Series, some of the sketches from 98.  I remember playing the game on a 700mhz "supercomputer" in 99 and being blown away by the visuals.
George Hull for The Matrix
Keith Thompson