Sketchbook summer

Here are some from Pleasant Valley Campsite in Equinunk, PA.  I used to go almost every year when I was younger, always loved the place.  My grandparents replaced their old camper there with a newer bigger one (with a slide out section) which I hadn't seen yet.  I used to hang out with the campsite owner's kids all summer, since they were around my age.  Now theyre all going to college and taller and whatnot, but still the same kids I knew.  And now there's a whole new batch of younglings to run around all crazy like we used to.

The woodchipper
One of the bridges over the creek
said bridge
a trailer by the pond

Heres me looking in the mirror at my aunt's house in NJ

Started drawing an airship on the plane ride home

A house that always intrigued me across the street from my aunt's place.  It's mostly dark wood.

popcorn and boats

my first car since school let out
Some angry faces

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