Hi all, sorry to say I'll be migrating to tumblr for my picture blogging needs.  It's been swell.
and my main website is www.heavypoly.com

Thanks for the support!


sets n props

Assorted sets and props I worked on for Tron Uprising

not this one


D-Type 2013

This model has been festering for a while..hopefully I'll finish sometime this year.


First of 2013

Here's a mech based on Sachs motorcycles.  For the new year I'll be posting more on tumblr, the system over there seems smoother so I'll give it a try.


MoonRod WIP Engine, pedals

Here's some progress on the moonrod.  I'm realizing it's more of a themed hotrod than a purpose built moon vehicle, so the engine has become more conventional looking.  It probably isn't internal combustion but it's got that vibe.  Alot of things are pretty impractical/whimsical but I think it builds character.  Also playing with graphics.