Willow Springs

The promised Willow Springs pictures from 4th of July weekend. This event was the All Star Bash X. It's kind of like a pilgrimage for alot of people there (driving from as far as Chicago), and I've always dreamed to go to one. It seemed like a fairytale place where drift magic happens/ all the way over on the west coast. But then I was there, and it was fun. Met up with an acquaintance from Miami who has been living in Northern California for a few years now. He was driving the butt ugly Yellow/Blue/Red Silvia coupe.
Soo much eyecandy for the car nerd. The beauty of these cars is how raggedy they are. It all feels like a circus freak strip club for cars with all the bright colors, glitter, scratches, bumps, scraping-the-ground clearance, nutty engine swaps, colorful zip ties and lets not forget the Heineken oil catch cans.

AHO reppin CCS!

Super clean camera car

Driving it like he stole it

Crusty old corolla

and manhattan beach at 4th of july for good measure

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