The Lion King

Just saw the Lion King for the first time since it came out probably. I didn't cry when Mufasa dies, but i was thinking about it. Rafiki is freaking crazy. We named our pressure washer Pumba because its orange and black. And I can't get that circle of life song out of my head.

Also this is probably really old news but it was amazing to me. Matthew Broderick (Ferris bueller) was Simba, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) was Mufasa, Nathan Lane was Timon, Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) was Zazu, Whoopi Goldberg was Shenzi etc.


Jason Ho said...

i was playing that song all the time last year, don't you rememberr?! welcome to the fanclub.

Timothy Mann said...

That reminds me of a text i saw from textsfromlastnight.com:
(519): and then she said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered "Simba"

Lauren Rossi said...

I wanted to cry too.

Tim, that's hilarious!