Sketchbook dumpity

So I've been drawing people for a change, and really enjoying it. Also it's making my posture better somehow. They need to make a robot that can scan, crop, sign, and post sketchbook pages automatically. Darn 2009 technology holding us back.

Oh and Jay Shuster came to CCS the other day for a lecture (He's a designer at Pixar responsible for wall-e and eve's character design plus work for Cars and some new star wars movie stuff.) Awesome lecture, super funny/dorky/genuine guy and amazing work. 1.5 years worth of sketches and development for Wall-e. Every possible variation and function fully thought out. Anyways, super inspiring stuff. And I got him to sign on the same page as Syd Mead so booya.

This is Jay Shuster with his bangs

more coming tomorrow.

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