Back home

Well the wedding was sort of an adventure, I met a ton of Jamaican Chinese family I'd never seen before in my life. Didn't actually make it to Chicago (about 40 minutes away though?) Anyway its good to be home in Miami, enjoying tropical storm fay, smelly beach water at crandon park and late night games of risk in the hood. Miraculously the old computer's mismatched guts came back to life with some jerry rigging. Heres a sketch to celebrate...


Ready to go

Well I'm off to my friend's house for a couple days, then an awkward wedding in Chicago, then back home in da MIA. Anyways bye for a couple weeks till the 30th, maybe sooner depending on if my old computer decides to boot up at home. Here's a going away canson.


Gyro final presentation

Welp, just woke up from my long post presentation nap. worked on my model from 10am Tuesday till 5:30am Wednesday straight, didn't feel like sleeping and presented. The new auto department chair (Larry Erickson) was there, he seemed like a mellow guy.



Meadowbrook Concourse De Elegance 2008

When there's a Testarossa sitting in the PARKING LOT of a CAR SHOW, you know it's gonna be nuts.

I think I'm actually sick of seeing Corvettes after today. Geezuz.