Manhattan Beach / post 555

Rode bike to Manhattan beach on Wednesday. My first sunset on the beach awwwww.

Tesla Roadster chillin

Super fancy homes on the beach

This is post 555 btw. damn. it'll be a while until 666



Well I'm sitting in my new room in Redondo Beach CA. Thanks to Dong for helping me find this place in half a day haha. No car yet but I'm working on that. Here's some cars I found walking around the neighborhood today.

Wowowow how charming.

In n Out #2 for dinner last night


South Point

Atop a new parking garage on Lincoln road
79th Street Beach
Inside the fancy parking garage


Beach today

I finally got a DSLR after a few years of borrowing cameras haha. Today was kinda rainy but I got some pictures at night.

Here's some of the coolwhips that populated Miami beach tonight.

2 Ferrari Californias on the same block.

Bastardized G wagon?

South point


lego genius

This guy is a G. You might want to skip through the video by the way.

Via young spacers

Also, congrats to friend mr. Russel for his spot on Autoblog and Yanko design!

May the article be viral!



These two are completely unrelated.

I just thought this radioactive green was neat on an old car



I've been in Stuart/Vero Beach, FL for the past week working on boat stuff. Sold the MR2 last Monday and trying to get the Datsun ready to sell. It's been a busy summer so far.

This week I should have some new stuff up for the Mead contest and random doodles hopefully.

So bye bye mr2! We had lots of good times together, I hope your new owner takes care of you!