TOYS: HotWheels production models!

I just got some toys in the mail!  These were my babies for 7 months during my time at Mattel last year.  5 more will be rolling out soon.
Superman was a joint design by me and Fraser Campbell,
Joker and Green Lantern were my designs.  

Superman is a classic musclecar proportion, with giant cape for good measure.

Green Lantern is a glowing green Construct fighter jet on wheels, based on Hal Jordan's fighter pilot history.

Joker is a wild hotrod with a giant grinning radiator grill and crazy exhaust pipes mimicking his green hair.  A diamond motif details the rear of the canopy

Flash is a low slung Bonneville landspeed racer with a lightning motif on the exhausts. (pic from ebay, still havent found one in stores)

These have been spotted at walmart and should be at other stores like target or toysrus soon.  I still haven't found any in person, keeping an eye out!

Again, thanks to the Jun, Phil, Paul, Rob, Alec, Sam, Annie, Gina, Roman, Tim, EH, KY, the entire Hotwheels team for the guidance, patience, love and bagels.  These buggers took alot of teamwork to produce.



Some homework for Bryan Wynia's Zbrush class.  So much fun!  I'm shooting for a fallen angel demon: creepy elegance.  It's spiritual nature is enforced by xray/bioluminescent appearance and flowing forms.



Just started some back to basics classes at CDA, really enjoying it so far!