My hottest car from 03

I remember how proud I felt after adding in that awesome shading!  Let's not forget presentation either.  The subtle yellowed/dirty/vintage/wrinkled/vignette really complements the design I think.


Art Center Summer Show UPDATE

UPDATE:  Daniel Yorba's the guy.
Michael Ditullo over at Core77 has found the name and wrote a quick post about the project.  I feel special cuz they used my photo too.  Cutting edge folks...cutting edge...

My favorite of the show, fully functional (almost) bike prototype (carbon fiber forks, aluminum frame, brushless electric motor, etc. Really amazingly well made working(!) model. (1 term for design, 1 term for building). Sadly I forgot the guy's name. 
The one with the orange sticker. (Daniel Yorba)

Some funky trans projects..

Art Center students have a wonderful view of Pasadena
This creeper does too...


Honda F1

Severe lack of drawings on this blog lately..

Here's one for fun.


Death Valley

JRID took us to death valley last weekend for some sightseeing. In the spirit of America, capitalism, democracy and all that is google blogger I carved my URL into the salt flat of a national park with a penny. Also, it's amazing how through 2 hours of looking at mountains slowly slide by, they all managed to be surprisingly varied. The reddish ones did tend to stick together, and so did the marbly ones. The boring ones were everywhere and didnt seem to care where they were.