bugship 11 wip

Added some panel lines with a bump map, plus little details here and there.  Once I'm done texturing I think this version will be finished.  Next up is rebuilding this for mini scale 3d printing.



Turns out this 3d printing business isn't as easy as it seems.  My test models failed the pre screening tests because of walls under the minimum thickness limit and messed up normals.  I have alot of work ahead of me.  Someone give me $1000 so I can print it out in one solid chunk.

On the plus side I found this nifty (and free) program called netfabb that's got alot of really cool features like one click cross sections, automated mesh fixing, mesh reduction, resizing, volume/area calculations and one click wall thickness measurements.  Verrry handy.


bugship wip 3

Working on bugship.  When it's finished, I'm thinking to sell 3d prints of this model from shapeways.com scaled to about 5" length.  Hopefully there is a demand for mini desktop spaceships.  Any money from this will go towards making a bigger (maybe 10") version for graduation.