Hellz to the

I love the matching toilet paper rolls on the bumper there. Martha Stewart would be proud.

America, fuck yea


Yacht - Closure

This weekend, Ed, the good room mate that he is, drove us back to Detroit so I could finish up my neverending boat model. Lowe and behold, the model shop was closed....all weekend. So I begged the security guard to let me grab my model out of the locked model shop...and was denied, because I lacked proper documentation. Anyway after much freaking out and desperate moans, I called the trans chair (Larry Erickson) on my friend's phone (since mine was dead) with the number I had on a napkin from one of the seniors, let him and the guard have a chat. So miraculously, the model was back in my arms, being cradled like a baby, and I finished it in the commons area in utter secrecy. Also there was some undercover painting involved. Anyway, after a weekend of nonstop work and freaking out, the neverending model has finally ended. Thank you god, if you're listening. So thank you Ed, my mom, dad, dog, grandpa, Neal (model shop), Jon S for the sweet bent plywood stand, Jon Russel for helping me with sanding and shit, oh and letting me sleep in your room for a week + 2 days, also Lauren for the same, and Zack for superglue and primer, Chris Persons for helping me with the vac forming and HakSoo for a bunch of shit and Mr. Roney for being the coolest studio teacher ever, Steve for being a hardass and printing out my "fairy dollhouse pillows", and Joe and Randy and Jose and Kelly and Larry and the CCS family.

Anyways thanks guys I'm so grateful for all the help. Here are the pictures.


zbrush beamer

Just trying out zbrush for car surfaces. pinch tool is like auto flame. much faster than alias thats for sure.


Little Tikes

Sitting here at my new (old) desk at Little Tikes. Cant say much else, or someone might come cut me in my sleep.



So next term I'll be interning at Little Tikes. I can say I've enjoyed their little red and yellow car many times over in my youth. It was pretty durable too (actually broke my glasses in one of these rolling down a hill)

Anyway, should be interesting :)

Meanwhile, one carburetor is back together, the death bath didn't really do much for cleaning, but oh well.


Today I got to working on the 240z again, got the carbs off the car, dissasembled and soaking in lacquer thinner (aka liquid death) for at least 24 hours to get 40 years worth of crap off them. I've got new jets, needles and gaskets waiting to go in when everything's all cleaned up.

Some quickies.