240Z progress

I'm thinking it needs a valve adjustment real bad, but hey, it runs!

Yamato airship quickstyle

Same(ish) concept as before, maybe 2-3 hours into this one vs maybe 10 on the other illustration.


A fun day.

Well I finally got the Z started today...and really excited about that. Tomorrow morning will be sorting out more gremlins in the fuel system. Also lost my job today, not fired but let go because my coworker was fired, in turn his friend will not be returning to work. Which leaves only me out of our 3 man team. Anyway I'd rather not think about it, but to sum it up: The most ignorant person I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

On to happy gogo thoughts, exciting stuff happening at wedrawcars.blogspot.com, our summer motorcycle project is gaining momentum nicely. Dont have to wake up early tomorow wheeee. And I have a few comission samples to send out, hopefully something will return a small art job for me.

Aaand here is the 240z running for a respectable 40 seconds!



A ship idea from my friend John. (sketch by me)

Main feature is independent vector adjustable engines for maneuverability.


Cobra is teh finishzor!!

AC Cobra 2009 from Vaughan Ling on Vimeo.

Personal project - redesign of the AC Cobra - modeling completed in 1 week's evenings.

As done as it's gonna be for a while! SLEEP NOW!!!

And just as a reminder, the 2(?) hour sketch that started it all.

And the rarely seen in nature cozebra! (for ZacK)


Cobra progress...day 4

Thanks Hnut for the suggestions! The vent and rear fender follows the sketch much closer now. Rear end is kind of happening on the fly. (probably should have sketched a rear end first!)

And a Zebra to show continuity, and my nasty reflections :P


AC Cobra redesign model

Started modeling a redesign sketch of the Cobra from last year. My teacher didn't like it, but ah well.
It's been fun so far, I'm sure I'll run into problems soon enough though :)


Did this the other night. Trying to step out of my comfort zone



Waiting for a few fuel hoses and adapters to come in the mail.

I'm trying hard to resist the urge to go start it on starter fluid.




Some pictures from the visit to the city with my dad

Aboard the Staten Island Ferry

Hoboken Terminal

El Guggenheim

Somewhere in Central park

We got pretty close on the free ferry ride to Staten Island.

Southern tip of Manhattan

Alice in Central Park

Sailboat Lake

My dad was disoriented his first time coming up from the subway to Ground Zero. Where we were standing outside used to be the World Trade Center lobby, says he.

Statue that used to be between the twin towers, where my parents used to meet for lunch

Ride to NJ from Hoboken terminal


NJ Moleskin

Ahh just got home from 20 hours at Newark airport....sooooooo...

Plus! Muchos gracias to Mr. Daniel Bailey at Monkeedesign.com for the designer of the week spot!



Hey all I'm in the North East United States again, visiting family till Monday. Gonna be seeing alot of freshly born babies, reading as much as I can and probably thinking nonstop about getting the car running.

And thanks to Igor at conceptships.blogspot.com for including my yamato air ship illustration on his blog!


Happy Fourth!! and the Z is HERE!!@#)*@#

Omgzogmzogmzzzz.. I'm soo excited! All my summer's wages down the drain in one fell swoop!

Now I can't be entirely excited yet, because it doesn't exactly run yet, but then again what good project does run? I mean where's the fun in that?

This morning I woke up at 8 for no reason and did this while waiting for the tow guy.


The car is on it's way.....!!!!!!@)(#*

I'm a strange blend of giddy and nervous.


Yamato Airship Final

All done :)

I think this might be my most matte-painterly-painting yet. 3d models were used for the big and small guns, photos cobbled together for texture, anti-aircraft smoke, terrain and sky. I'm happy with the end result, really enjoyed taking my time with this one, and trying to get a sense of HUGE with this ship.


Making progress in little by little on the "airship". Should be done tomorrow.