Modo CDA 2012

Hi all, I'll be teaching at Intro to Modo and Vehicle design at Concept Design Academy.  The term starts next week, registration is still open.  If you're in the Pasadena area, check it out!  Here's some student work from Modo last term.

Christian Scheurer

Jeremiah Lee

John Park

Saiful Haque

Eugene Wu


Skull Study

Working on a skull study in zbrush.  10 pointless points to whoever guesses what animal it is!


Low Poly Manchu Chassis

I recently began helping some local USC students on a video game project to learn about the process and have some fun. It's a fighter jet customization game, here's a low poly chassis model and texture I did for them. It's based on a Manchu concept painting although I tweaked it a bit and had to think up a front end.  The orange areas are where different engines, guns and wings can be added. 

1024x1024 diffuse 987 polygons