I was looking through old photos, trying to find ideas for stories to write about for class. These are some pictures from my morning commute, and a busted up oven I found in my neighborhood.


Art Nouveau Final

After 13 hours rendering (there must be something wrong with my settings), and some photoshop tweaking, I'm pretty happy with the final result.
Hmm...looking at it again, lots of the light looks really blown out on the front view hmmmmm


Vray test 4

Adjusted proportions again. Shorter overall, windshield goes up higher, wheels are bigger, rear glass is bigger.


Hangar test

I think this will be one of the final shots of the car. For the final I will probably change the lighting a bit and add some texture to the headlights. Any thoughts?


vray test 2

After looking at the car for a while, I think the rear needs to be shortened. opinions? In the meantime having fun with vray again.


Model D 14

ironed out some kinks, and added a rear. I tried putting some rough detail in the headlights with zbrush...I'm not sure if it's gonna work yet.


Model D low poly

Low poly model coming together in 3ds max. comparing to the sketches, the fenders are a bit wide and the "mouth" is a bit large. I like the sketches better so I'll adjust the model.


Art Nouveau car model D, front graphics, topology

I tweaked the model some more to get it to match the sketch a little better. Here some ideas for front graphics. Votes/feedback appreciated!

Also I'm trying to break down the surfaces mentally before jumping into 3ds max. Hunt, you there?? Opinions?

This is the rear so far

Art Nouveau car model c

Another Z brush model, of the last sketch, lets call it C. Anyway, Zbrush isn't really doing what I want it to, mostly because I have some weird kinky surfaces going on especially in the side. It took alot of tweaking in photoshop to get the proportions back to what I wanted in the sketch. I'm going to move on to 3ds max I think, using the zbrush model as a guide.

Art Nouveau car model c from Vaughan Ling on Vimeo.


I'm gonna have a go at the top sketch in zbrush tomorrow, which is a continuation of that sketch emai (Dzine) liked.


Art Nouveau car model

Zbrush to the rescue. I'm gonna sketch over this. Also, it came out very similar to the other zbrush car I did....maybe the way the tools work has something to do with it.

Art Nouveau car model from Vaughan Ling on Vimeo.

New project

I noticed that my portfolio is less than half cars....odd. So I've started a personal project I've been wanting to do for a while. Art Nouveau car. It's tough trying to get this highly ornate aesthetic into a car without being too cheesy. So far it's all gestural, but I can't wait to get into the details.

So far I like this one more, but it feels a bit lazy/gooey to me.

And this one feels too aggressive and busy.

What do you think?


Thomas posted this on facebook...too good to pass up.

Vanishing Point

I feel dumb for not having seen this before. I loved the crazy E type guy..treating it like a bumper car. Ahh the 70s....


Sunny Day

I was inspired by Danny Gardner (ArtCenter ED student) to do a painting out of my window. Today is very bright for Streetsboro standards, sometimes I forget what the sun looks like.



Damn, I missed my 500th post by two. oh well. Heres a cave painting with no point to it really.