Karmann Ghia

Some sketches for a contest at speedanddesign.net + some bikes I forgot to post up + my final for drawing class at the CIA


Have you ever missed home?

Well yes, most of us have...at some point..for some reason. I never thought I would miss good ol Miami like I did. After 4 months of living in Cleveland, coming back home to warm swampy Miami was such a treat. I never really appreciated the:

  • being able to see the sun
  • having a real beach to go to
  • those scrawny palm trees
  • cuban bread (made with pure lard)
  • cuban food (pure lard)
  • cubans (suprisingly)
There are some things I'll miss about da CLE though:
  • using the balcony as a freezer for my jello
  • sliding around on the icy floor
  • the quirky/awesome Cleveland peoples
  • that one big windmill they have downtown
  • little Italy and it's overpriced gelato
  • feeling like I'm really in America
  • the 2x2x2 subwoofer box in our dormroom.
  • the wacom tablet :/
All in all it's been a great 4 months. I've learned alot, and I think I'm starting to see some change in myself...for the better...now I need to go find myself a tablet so I can do some more doodles!



haven't been keeping up the nightlys :( heres one for a freind.


Went to visit some friends at CCS last weekend...it was enlightening. Snowball fights and such. Well I guess it's goodbye to Cleveland, hello Detroit. Its been a hard decision, but I've made it. I'm gonna miss all the Cleveland peeps but I gotto do what I gotto do.



wow....can't believe i've kept it up for 5 days!


anyways this one was quick and dirty ~1hr...

the pilgrimage to CCS begins tomorrow. wish me luck.