Back home in Miami. Finally. It's about 60 degrees...not superbad but enough to keep me from working on the car. Also I'm realizing that I'm deathly allergic to my dog :(, and he hasn't stopped following me since I got home.

Anyway, I started a CCS bloggers group for anybody that cares. There is a swell mix of illustration, Product, Trans, Auto, Animation, etc kids all posting up links.

It's time to relax a bit and slow down and sleep in and eat good food and see the sun and the sky and all the pretty little animals after a warp speed semester..


CCS Thingamajigger

This is our new big room thing, under construction. Check back this time next year, it should be done.


An oldie from 2004..geesh

The first stage in the CCS student manufacturing process

Stage 2

Stage 3



Pissed gal

Shes pissed about something, who knows what. I think she's about to do something about it though.



A little snag in the yacht build has popped up. After getting second, third, fourth opinions on the vacuum formability of my plastic canopy, the general consensus is "hell no." So I will be forced to option C, milling a foam mold of the entire canopy surface, with draft etc, skipping option B (making a perfect fitting mold by hand, which would take forever and a half, and would also probably come out looking like crap).

This thing never ends.

Saw this Lego Detroit Public Library and got excited. Detroit pride is somehow slowly seeping into me.

And no introduction needed for this one...

Via Speckyboy


Yacht build process

spent most of today fitting and bondo blending some brass tubes into the hull

Literally had to clean those teeth with a tooth brush

The canopy free of it's gooey jelly shell



Thanksgiving (in cleveland) this year was great fun. With a bunch of college kids cooking thanksgiving dinner (uh ohhzzz) I was expecting the worst, but actually it was the best. It must have been the love we put into the gourmet mashed potatoes. And finding the guts bag, very moist, still inside the turkey3 quarters of the way through the meal. MMMMMmmmm.

On the CCS side of things, lots of work is happening. I'm already finding myself running down the hallways when nobody is looking. I can feel the time ticking away like melty cheese. The shop has been surprisingly empty, it's like an amusement park with no lines, except with disk sanders and giant bandsaws.

Well, this is a rare sans pictures post. Savor it, they only come around every couple decades.