borrowed the roomie's tablet again...rendering practice.. btw thank you panasonic for making a great sharpener


Personal Luxury

some luxury car sketches from my new project. that anatomy book ive been copying from lately inspired a tendoy boney theme. the big one on the bottom right is based off a trimaran shape


The Forgotten

This makes my heart hurt....

Beautiful concept car - 1956 Chrysler Norseman is handbuilt by Ghia in Italy...taking a full year, then sinks with the ship on it's way over to make the North American auto show circuit.

RIP Chrysler Norseman



The Flow, a new definition of the pickup truck. Clamshell rear opens to serve as a pickup bed. Additional storage space can be found in the top of tall cabin. Close up the clamshell rear and the Flow serves as a small SUV.


Chevy Hustle

The Hustle, a mean street beast designed for one purpose; to cover ground with the quickness. This vehicle follows the American tradition of special edition performance street trucks and is only available in Midnight black.


Peel P60 and Concept Salad!

Peel P50 remake for a contest over at SpeedandDesign.net stop by to see check out all the entries!

Also recently got a project on a new high quality Transportation design site conceptsalad.com
and am honored to be in the presence of the amazing talent there!

Thanks alot to the owners of concept salad!


Nightly 12

Haven't done a "nightly" in what seems like forever...borrowed my roomie mike's very nice intous 3 tablet for some late night sketching


ASC finals

Heres the rest of my ASC monochrome renders..
The left sideview is mine, the one on the right is my teacher's overlay with a sunset lighting situation (mine was high noon lighting) .