Yacht progress2

I'm still wrestling with the rig setup. Ideal functionality is looking a bit awkward. Ideal looks is probably not believable. Yarghhhhhh...



This is based off a rejected yacht sketch. I thought it would make an interesting spaceyacht haha.

Yacht + Hovel progress

Decided to go with #3 for the hovel illustration, painting over bit by bit, adding in some color using curves adjustment layers. More soon.

On the Sail Yacht front,
sticking in some queen size beds for this 300ft monster.

And here is the Maltese Falcon, my main benchmark.


Detroit unbound

An optimistic look at what Detroit is now, and what it can be: a "low-impact, environmentally flexible city of the future"

Via planet

let's start an urban farm!


Hovel thumbnails

Some scrabbly hovel environment thumbnails for digital painting class.

Picked 3 and did B/W value comps.



Ross Kemp looks at the gang violence in Kingstown, Jamaica and examines the political history involved...

My mom told me about the bullets whizzing by when she went to Kingston to take care of her parents. The violence is at a point where people forget what they are killing for in the first place.
Rough idea for my yacht project. please excuse the nonfunctional sail


Sketchbook dumpity

So I've been drawing people for a change, and really enjoying it. Also it's making my posture better somehow. They need to make a robot that can scan, crop, sign, and post sketchbook pages automatically. Darn 2009 technology holding us back.

Oh and Jay Shuster came to CCS the other day for a lecture (He's a designer at Pixar responsible for wall-e and eve's character design plus work for Cars and some new star wars movie stuff.) Awesome lecture, super funny/dorky/genuine guy and amazing work. 1.5 years worth of sketches and development for Wall-e. Every possible variation and function fully thought out. Anyways, super inspiring stuff. And I got him to sign on the same page as Syd Mead so booya.

This is Jay Shuster with his bangs

more coming tomorrow.


The Lion King

Just saw the Lion King for the first time since it came out probably. I didn't cry when Mufasa dies, but i was thinking about it. Rafiki is freaking crazy. We named our pressure washer Pumba because its orange and black. And I can't get that circle of life song out of my head.

Also this is probably really old news but it was amazing to me. Matthew Broderick (Ferris bueller) was Simba, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) was Mufasa, Nathan Lane was Timon, Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) was Zazu, Whoopi Goldberg was Shenzi etc.


Pope Pizowne

Turning this kind of thing in for class is such a wonderful new concept to me. It's been fun working on it so far. I will post the line drawing and process stuff soon.


pope pizowne

I'm finally gonna be able to turn in stupid shit for a grade! Man I should've been in illustration from the start. Anyway, here's the gist of my first homework assignment for figure illustration.

and holy shit.


Back to the charming neighborhood

Well I've mostly moved into the Argonaut. It's gigantic. Everybody's all jolly including the shuttle drivers. I'm sitting on couch cushions.

My first figure illustration class was very enlightening. I learned more in that one hour
Trans studio is doing a mega yacht but don't worry, it'll be plenty green (lolz), Jon is over here bouncing a CCS stressball into the wall, someone next door is banging on the wall.


bye bye 240z!

Well, the time has come to leave home for Detroit, and I can look back and laugh at my original plan to drive this car the 29hours up to Detroit. Farewell Zee, may you not die of battery discharge and fuel gum up.

Centurion H

Sigh...we're on revision H. Still more changes to make..


Car for me

Just finished a Genghis Kahn book filled with nonstop killing and thought,
I haven't drawn something stupid for myself in a while! It was hard to resist the urge to render this like everything else I do. (I think I might be a painter at heart)
Anyway happy September.