Nightly 24

Probably going to use this for the categoryless contest over at SpeedandDesign.net


Mohawk spaceship

Inspired by a book of Jon Johnston's work for the Star Wars Trilogy...mindblowing stuff.


100th post!

Well, it's my 100th post after a 3/4 a year of blogging. Also, the first sketch on my new computer....1000000000x smoother than the old one, now I can work hi reszzz!

Dolphin Final

Recently completed Dolphin for the Local Motors Miami Road Racer comp. Hope you like. Get over to Local-Motors.net...vote, on all the entries, comment and be merry.



Oliver Cartwright 1.1

From my friend Oliver Cartwright's blog, I love this video

v1.1 from Oliver Cartwright on Vimeo.


Well, I think I'm finally done...This render has been going on for the past week on and off so I'm glad to have it finished. Rear view to come soon.


Cooling sketch idea. Radiators behind the engine, cold air enters from above

crazy rubiks cube


Name change due to Chevy already having a car named biscayne :(
Here's a revised render/front end....still have more things I wanna try...gnight anyway, wake up at 6:30 today ughhghghh