Needed a break from this damn car. I like the concept but something about the composition really bothers me I might redo this one.


Model update

Fiddled with the front a bit, I've asked a couple people about this vs the pink version. What do you think?


PGW car model progress

I got frustrated trying to figure out the orthos for my studio car last night so I started a rough model of the car. This is as far as I'll go probably, I'm just using the lines to figure out where everything lines up. This car will be built in 1/5 scale over the rest of the term so keep an eye out for some clayyy.

Heres some renderings of the general idea.


speed lines

this one slipped through the cracks somehow. man check out those speed lines


Doomsday Sketching

Doomsday (tape drawings and clay) is soon approaching...trying to get my car nice and happy before then. Call out any preferences or dislikes! 10 more of these will be here for tuesday hopefully.


Aston Study

Drawn from direct observation of an Autoart die cast model of an Aston Martin DBR9 Le Mans car, sans race livery/wing/scoops.



This is a painter/photoshop frankenstein. mostly painter. painter is magical.


Rhino Lamp

A modeling exercise for Rhino class. ...I like purple and white?  Don't ask questions.


Nightly 37 - Fishbone ship

Just started copy pasting some forms, it ended up looking fish-boney I think. Trying out some new brushes also.


Some marker sketches on newsprint for viscom.  Some final renderings of that last boxy one on the corner coming tonight.