Syracuse V3d

Latest revision, ditched the Dynarig sails.

with a better keel....oh god this its gonna be another 5 hours of modeling for that keel....

Also, everyone is catching the tapered mainsail battens as a Chinese visual cue, although the sails are not a Chinese design functionally.

Using horizontal battens, to me isn't as aesthetically pleasing. I need to find an excuse to use the tapered battens. Also I'm not sure, but would the tapered battens cause problems with the sail's airfoil shape?

The same mirror array, but with more segments. Which do you guys like better?


array test

The feasibility of the mirror/sail system has been frequently questioned by my professors and peers, and honestly, I've been unsure about it myself for a while now. Here is a variation on the idea that relocates the mirrors to the roof in an array that would focus on a central mast, only when the boat is stationary or not using the sails (they would cast a shadow over the mirrors). I think this works better, plus it looks neat. Thanks Jon and Zack for the help.

gif partay


For some reason I had the urge to do another time lapse video. The capture software is called camstudio and it is open source (free), works awesome. The video was captured at 1 frame per second, played back at 30 frames per second, so the whole process was was about 1 hour. I hope you enjoy!

Audi Green Timelapse from Vaughan Ling on Vimeo.

And here is the one from last year, done for the Core77 1 hour design challenge. Looking back, this one was very fidgety (I kept undoing things) since I was a young photoshop grasshopper. I still am. Maybe this should be a yearly tradition.


Syracuse V2m

Today I got some good crit on the hull design, basically THERES NO WAY IN HELL THAT'LL WORK. So, I did some reading and the hull is less stupid now. Who wants to see a boring and functional hull though, right?

Anyway here's some work on the above deck features, which I'm happy with for now. I can smell this weekend is gonna be fulllll of alias >:(

And a picture from last year, one of the few warm and sunny ccs days.


Shield your eyes

Self Explanatory

This is supposed to be a certain car designer...can you name him?


Chess club and crossbows

Here's the new chess club flyer. Starting this Saturday.

Today we did a breakdown of the head in figure class.

And some more work on the Syracuse sail yacht.

and the sexy ass beatles rockband cinematic. And the artist Alberto Mielgo has a blog! http://albertomielgo.blogspot.com/ check it out, amazing work.


This is the kind of stuff my Grandpa talks about. Although he didn't fight, he has the same views about Mao vs Chiang Kai Shek.

5DmkII video - Re-enacting the making of Mao's China from Dan Chung on Vimeo.


Yacht progress, name!

Today I mostly worked on getting the story/presentation together for next class. The ship has a name finally, Syracuse. There's already a motoryacht named Archimedes. Syracuse sounds fancy anyway. As far as the model, not too many changes. There's some tiny tweaks to the hull, and some more layout and shape tweaks to the top deck (bridge and owners suite and lounge). I'm happy with how its coming so far, still lots to go though.


Argonaut Dorm panorma

Stole Jon's camera, took some compromising pics etc.

There's Zack working diligently in the background, and our 99 red balloons in the loft. Zack's canvas cave is also pictured. Room inspections tomorow, in another week this place will be a warzone.

Yacht Progress - Trireme

Feverishly working on the Yacht project. Our class made it to the front page of the Macomb County Newspaper. Yea Supahstaaar!!

The story goes something like this: Archimedes used giant polished metal mirrors to mounted on a Syracuse shore to burn down invading Roman ships. Since my ship uses parabolic mirrors to focus solar energy, I thought the ship could be an homage to Archimedes "death ray" and be a modern blend of assorted ancient Greek aesthetics.

Mr. Hoplite

Mr. Trireme

Earlier box sail version

Injected Triremeness

Modified above deck proportions

Model as it sits now



Cobra Feature

The good (albeit anonymous) sir known as carnut has written up an article on the history and future of the AC Cobra, and stuck my cobra redesign at the end. Thanks sir carnut!


Floral Parade of Nations, St. Louis World's Fair


1904 World's Fair St. Louis

The Ferris wheel designed by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. It was transported to the 1904 St Louis World's Fair grounds by rail, and demolished at the end of the fair. The whereabouts of the ginormous axle are unknown to this day.

Thomas Edison was head electrical supervisor of course

It's amazing to think that all of this was temporary, lasting only the duration of the fair