silercar yeaaaa

yup too many pictures of the same thing but ooooh welll. A few small changes. I'm happy with it for now


Siler Car Final (for now)

Welp. The loser that I am spent all day on this model. It was like a good book that you can't put down, except I don't read books. Anyways on to the model.


SilerCar progress3

Getting pretty close to finished with this. With some more help from Kirill I think I'm starting to get the hang of surface continuity. I need to finish up some new wheels and fix the normals on those rear arches (shouldn't be black). Heres a couple test renders and the plans from last term.

And a couple renders for the new co-blog with jaymer.


New blog - WE DRAW CARS

Started a new joint blog with Jaymer...should be fun and plenty of updates so check it out!



Sketchin wif Jaymer

Decided to do some quick photoshop sketching with my neighbor Jaymer. Heres the results of an hour and a half.


SilerCar progress 2

Thanks to Kirill (my roomate) for helping me with surface continuity a bit more. That stupid seam down the middle is bugging me I'm gonna redo the middle surfaces eventually.


SilerCar progress

A project from last term I'm trying to practice modeling with. Continuity? Tangency? aghh wtf.


Airbase final

My entry for the Airbase sketch contest at Local-Motors.com there should be a bunch of entries pouring in by the end of the week so check back and vote!


Airbasefinal rear

This one was real fun to do, I feel like I'm making real progress with the way I work photoshop now.


gyro video

The two shots are in opposite order...couldn't get showcase to cooperate


More conventional than the others, I was looking at an A-10 warthog but not much of it made it into the design (nose vent, tall rear vents). I was trying out a new brush and started on a white background which I never do for some reason.


Gyro model progress

Main parts are blocked out, It just needs details and such. Studiotools is growing on me(actually its a pain in the ass, but fun anyway)