Cobra1 & 1HDC at Core77.com

More redesigns for class

Also did an 1 hour rendering for the 1 hour design challenge over at Core77.com.  Aaand got a feature on the front page, which lasted for a couple days.  Woo!



Been busy lately, actually getting to do some photoshop renders for class!
Anyway here is another attempt on the cord redesign, with a lighter mood to the rendering.

These are the final renders for a Volvo line redesign and a time lapse video sort of skimming my process for the hatchback.


Cord 812 redesign skech

Working on modernizing the cord 812, probably my favorite car from the 30s



Welp...just got my first assignment...expect a few sketches for a Lancia Stratos redesign soon.

Meanwhile here's a sketch that has nothing to do with anything.

Back to Detroit

Welp, I'm back in Detroit, I have my first class in 3 hours, the new suite is really awesome and I have a feeling it's gonna be a good year. Here's the first sketch of the 2008 school year.