Well the MRR concept (in progress) has finally got a name! I decided to name it after Miami's, Biscayne Boulevard, also known as US-1 to the much of the east coast, which goes straight through downtown past the American Airlines Arena, Carnival Center for Performing Arts, Bayfront park, Bicentennial park, and alongside Biscayne Bay. These two related but separate designs are getting closer to finalization, just need to work on packaging/practicality some more. As always, your feedback counts! Let me know what you think, what works, what doesn't, anything that comes to mind.


Where I've been

Sorry I've been neglecting my blogging duties lately...ive been busy DESTROYING STUFFF!! woo!

actually its not that fun after the initial "chuck hammer at wall giggles"

1 1/2 dumpsters filled and 3 more floors to go, funfunfun!
More MRR sketches to come (just had the chance to them in yet)


MRR ideation2

Took the green/white racer for another spin, some other ideas mixed in


amazing mr2

someone (norway) finally got a 1uz V8 in a mk1 mr2



Feedback plz likes/dislikes on any of these? trying to find a direction



This is what I've been doing in the meantime...clutch/brakes on the MR2
My buddy Diego came over for a bit today to help pry off the tranny...what a bitch. anyways heres the piczz..sure feels goot to have it off finally


old clutch and pressure plate + replacements

throwout bearing.and the tranny sitting pretty

silvertop 4age chillin in the back, diego sampling some of that tranny grease

Left and right axle shits...i think alot of the oil was leaking out of the right seal


Back Home!

It was a crazy final week..nonstop excitement till the minute I left Detroit. Anyway I'm glad and relieved to be home...Its hot as hell and thats the way I like it. Heres some pictures of the final review. I'm trying to get a tablet now that I can't bum off my friend's anymore. Anyway thats it! Hope you all have a good summer.