ASC render #1

This week we narrowed down our ideas to two directions. This is the first of the "quick" monochrome renderings for one of my directions. I had alot of fun with this...Hope you like!


Interwebz Gurda

found a PERFECT match randomly on the internet of my buddy Gurda....Cheers to the interwebz Gurda!


ASC roadster

I spent way too much time on this sketch today...its based off a small clay model I did in highschool. Now I notice problems with the windshield, humps in the back.. and proportions of the cockpit...
sigh.next time I'll get it


Detroit 1

Ahhh, finally a chance to use a tablet, courtesy of my generous roomie Mike. I haven't done a nightly since Cleveland, so this one felt good. I stuck a racer figure in there because I know I suck with human beings...



Detroit Auto Show Fresh from the FLOOOORRR

One of the biggest auto shows in the world - Detroit NAIAS
There was some exciting stuff crawling around, heres a few of my favorites.

Mazda Furai - my favorite of the show


American Sports Car

My first min-trans assignment at CCS! The ultimate American sports car. Heres some sketches and inspiration for the project.



another interesting music video

Today was 9 excruciating hours of CCS orientation.....met some kool kats and went to go eat, saw that jet li movie war and played some halo...people are starting to trickle in and tomorow's the big Toyota lecture on design....so I need to wake up sometime before 4pm. well yea I should get some rest now.

goodnight blog that nobody ever reads!

and a picture of gung gung (grandpa) for good measure


Today= 9 hours in the hospital for a pinky toe that ended up feeling better by the time I saw the doctor...



Hello two thousand and eight! This year's resolution is to be fearless...

Anyways..went bike riding this morning. 15 miles at shark valley in the everglades. It was real nice except I had to pay $13 to rent a crappy bike for 2 hours. Saw plenty of gators...Jason even spat on one. Took some pictures with the gators by the side of the trail. Good times...good times. Also got a free engine from a guy I met at my uncle's new years party. It just happens to be a common swap for my car and he just happened to have one lying around that he no longer needed. A nice start to a new year. Tuesday marks the start for my adventure into the wintry hell of Detroit (CCS). Wish me luck