experimenting with brushes in photoshop after watching one of those gnomon DVDs about brush creation. I'm really excited for the potential of these brushes...theres tons of freedom in these. Heres the results for tonight


Wesley Eggebrecht said...

Vaughan am liking the ship and environment, busting it out. Tearing it up as usual.

Anonymous said...

VEEERY interesting. sort of gives it a sci-fi levitating look. adds a more active/motion dimension to your work and makes it more lively and interesting. i like both of the pieces. the first has good movement, the 2nd - interesting composition. keep it up! luv u - mom.
ps: keep up the good work but remember sleep is important to good work too:-), not to mention your health

Sussman said...

swizeet sketch...nothing the meeting of man and machine with digital sketching. I luvv PS almost at unhealthy level-and now am having affair with Painter-only for sketching though-you should give it a try, based on this sketch I'm sure you'd like it, esp. the "hot-rotate" canvas feature.
Nice work, too bad you had to go to detroit for school, pasadena is never snowy ; )