Feedback plz likes/dislikes on any of these? trying to find a direction


Ian said...

Bottom left one reminds me of Speed Racer's car despite that it really doesn't look like that, haha. The car on top looks a bit like an Aston Martin maybe. The middle one on the right looks cool from the windshield back; the front grill part looks a bit like a viper about to bite something to me (yeah, I'm weird). The one below it is cool. Maybe play with the middle right one by bringing the hood down a little and making the front end more like the bottom one? I think the midsection of the middle right car is the most aggressive looking in a very appealing way.

Vaughan Ling said...

thanks for the feedback! muchoduper appreciated. ill mess around with it expect acouple more sketches soon

hnut said...

i'm getting a speed racer feel off that one too, i think it could look pretty sweet especially in plan view. you should definitely develop that one more.