Welp, I'm sitting here in my friend's Princeton dorm, after a week of moping around the center of the coolness universe (Soho), Brooklyn and all the touristyness NY has to offer. Also finally got to see Niagara falls (from the much cooler Canadian side), Rochester in all it's college town glory and Toronto in all it's Chinatown Dim Sum bonanza glory. Jon should have pictures coming soon of everything. I'll be visiting some family in the northeast until the end of this month, then back home to Miami. It's been pretty nice visiting friends and getting little samples of everyone's lives. I'm definitely jealous of some of the things they have (like the brooklyn apartment rooftop, my favorite place of the trip), but then I also appreciate some of Detroit's qualities like it's relative lack of people and law enforcement, underdog character, super cheap rent and the like. Anyway, thats it. Sorry I have no sketches but they should start popping up when I get home.

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Jason Ho said...

thanks for the encouragement dude!
honda guys will not know what hit em.

and next time, you need to stay up here longer. have yourself a great summer, n stay in touch.