Chess club and crossbows

Here's the new chess club flyer. Starting this Saturday.

Today we did a breakdown of the head in figure class.

And some more work on the Syracuse sail yacht.

and the sexy ass beatles rockband cinematic. And the artist Alberto Mielgo has a blog! http://albertomielgo.blogspot.com/ check it out, amazing work.


Erin Greener said...

Classy, sophisticated, sexy......no, really. We're not nerds.

Timothy Mann said...

um, you spelled sophisticated wrong on the flyer

Borka Schwarzer said...

that sail looks nice and sophisticated. you gonna make a model right?)))))

Vaughan Ling said...

Erin - >:(
Thanks Tim, I'll fix it for printing.
Borka - Now that you mention it, thats gonna be a huge pain