Well it's over.  3 months of crazyness at Honda.  If you're reading this Jay and Senan, I want you to know that you guys are the bestest.  Dong too.  I think you're the only ones that read blogs, so I wont mention any other names.  Good times.  Thanks.

I'll put up my internship project eventually, right now its time to sleep like a baby.


JF said...

I totally missed your presentation. This week went fast, I've been super busy. Glad you had the opportunity to work here and hope you want to consider coming back sometime!

Dong too said...

its Jae.. and Senon.. see you on the dark side man!

Vaughan Ling said...

Ahh yea it's ok. I'm glad it went pretty well by my presentation standards haha. It was an amazing summer for me, so many insane artists at Honda I'd never been exposed to. It flew by so fast. Thanks for everything..and please keep posting, I'll be watching.