Gunship Ideation

With gunship in mind, I tried out some new proportions.

1 2 and 4 are more flying wing proportion, although I still need find a place to add more heavy weaponry.

3 has shapes inspired by the Hind D and rotating side turrets like the star wars ship. The section in the middle where there turrets are could be dropped off at the landing zone to serve as a temporary base. Troops could just exit out a rear door too if the base idea is too much trouble. The huge flaps could be airbrakes or flip out for extra control surface for low speed maneuvering.

1 and 4 have a more aggressive design language, I thought they looked kind of evil/menacing and could be used for the enemy faction. #1 is designed for 3-4 people while #4 is 1-2.

2 is the previous 5b without the turbofan in the nose, although now I think it looks too much like the episode one naboo fighters.

5 is just a very small simple craft with a light gun


Thomas Zenteno said...

Awesome... I really like the agressiveness of 1 and 4

Andrew Chan said...

cool stuff. i can tell u really love cars!

Anthony Sims said...

awesome sketches, 1 and 2 rock. What term are you now?