Hind DX final + Interior Development

Sat down the other night and decided to paint something, except finish it this time. This still looks like a speed painting compared to the pros, but I'm happy with the result.


Jon Russell said...

fuckin awesome dude... I wish I could render like you

Ang said...

what joo talkin bout! that looks pro man!

what term are you in? you are in CCS right? Do you know david chow?

thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

that is incredible, and this is just something you sat down and did? amazing.. how long did it take you?

hnut said...

best one yet, is this painter or photoshop? great lighting.

Thomas Zenteno said...

love the colors.... i like the figures a lot too

GT said...

Wild Registeel Appeared!!!!


It's Very Effective!

I told you that looks like a pokemon lol... the link above is the picture of it so you can compare it to your sweet air/space ship! It even (appears) to have the seven eyes in the right sopt... crazy!

And yes, its rather sad that I know the lastest Pokemon... its a long story ^^:

GT said...

oops link isn't working... just google Registeel... you'll be surprised by the resemblance

Every pro and awesome. Think I said that to you in class but really.

and sorry for the double post

Scott Goin To The Top said...

so sick dude, as if your first ships wernt already great enough cant wait to see what comes out next and the interiors are to amazing!