The Quest for the Z

So today Jason and I drove all the way across the great big boring everglades, to Cape Coral, FL to see this car. It has potential. Owner and I agreed on a decent price. This hunk of junk very well could be in my driveway next weekend, oh noes!!!

"30 year old cars are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

I did as much as I could, tested compression, floorboards, framerails, started the car on starter fluid, etc. It's gonna need alot of work to be decent.

Anyways, buddy Jason took some crazy stormy sunset everglades pictures on the way back (I75 otherwise known as Alligator Alley looks like the pictures for 100ish miles straight)


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Linked your sketch on my blog:


László Fogarasi-Benkő said...

That's one classic ride. Congrats.