A fun day.

Well I finally got the Z started today...and really excited about that. Tomorrow morning will be sorting out more gremlins in the fuel system. Also lost my job today, not fired but let go because my coworker was fired, in turn his friend will not be returning to work. Which leaves only me out of our 3 man team. Anyway I'd rather not think about it, but to sum it up: The most ignorant person I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

On to happy gogo thoughts, exciting stuff happening at wedrawcars.blogspot.com, our summer motorcycle project is gaining momentum nicely. Dont have to wake up early tomorow wheeee. And I have a few comission samples to send out, hopefully something will return a small art job for me.

Aaand here is the 240z running for a respectable 40 seconds!


Jon Russell said...

soooo thats what you were talking about lol... pretty awesome man.

sorry to hear about your job. you'll figure it all out

stephensanity said...

Hey! nice landscape