Some pictures from the visit to the city with my dad

Aboard the Staten Island Ferry

Hoboken Terminal

El Guggenheim

Somewhere in Central park

We got pretty close on the free ferry ride to Staten Island.

Southern tip of Manhattan

Alice in Central Park

Sailboat Lake

My dad was disoriented his first time coming up from the subway to Ground Zero. Where we were standing outside used to be the World Trade Center lobby, says he.

Statue that used to be between the twin towers, where my parents used to meet for lunch

Ride to NJ from Hoboken terminal


hnut said...

cool shots. if you have access to cs4 try: edit > auto-blend layers on that panoramic one.

Jon Russell said...

shit man... that hoboken pic kicks ass

Vaughan Ling said...

Thanks guys.

Jon - The sitting area at Hoboken is cool too, its like a mini wannabe grand central. Next time we go to NYC...

hnut - still on CS3 :P. One of these days...

Jon Russell said...

haha next summer??

next time we gotta to go to grand central station bright and early in the morning so the lighting is right.