Hind DX final + Interior Development

Sat down the other night and decided to paint something, except finish it this time. This still looks like a speed painting compared to the pros, but I'm happy with the result.


M4 - 11

I'm really happy with this one, finally getting the hang of painter.



Believe it or not these are for my "automotive interior" studio. figures..


Gunship Ideation

With gunship in mind, I tried out some new proportions.

1 2 and 4 are more flying wing proportion, although I still need find a place to add more heavy weaponry.

3 has shapes inspired by the Hind D and rotating side turrets like the star wars ship. The section in the middle where there turrets are could be dropped off at the landing zone to serve as a temporary base. Troops could just exit out a rear door too if the base idea is too much trouble. The huge flaps could be airbrakes or flip out for extra control surface for low speed maneuvering.

1 and 4 have a more aggressive design language, I thought they looked kind of evil/menacing and could be used for the enemy faction. #1 is designed for 3-4 people while #4 is 1-2.

2 is the previous 5b without the turbofan in the nose, although now I think it looks too much like the episode one naboo fighters.

5 is just a very small simple craft with a light gun


Light Transport ideations - 4:30 am....again

Welp, I think I'm addicted. These are so much fun, I wish sleep didn't have to come around every day. By the way these (and alot of the recent concept art posts) are for a 3d cell phone game being developed by a small do it yourself team in Lisbon, Portugal. I've been working for free, but I'm glad I decided to help them out, because I feel like I'm doing things I've never done before, finding out new things about myself and it's pretty exciting!

And my roomies Jay and Chihoon went crazy on the tablet :O



Well, yesterday was a nice little Detroit reunion, after a day of traveling. Today the hell cycle begins again, although 2009, I'm gonna try to expand my horizons (that's code for maybe getting more out of CCS than just schoolwork). Anyways, off to class now, byeeee.



rough troop transport ideas, first one inspired by a previous garbage ship idea


Dumpity dump dump

Another soldier revision

Plus some figure studies

And a silly photo for a contest


Some more faces

This is kind of addicting....

There's something fishy about each of these...It's hard for me to tell exactly whats wrong though, lemme know what's looking funky!