Collector progress again

Added some decals, details, changed the nose a bunch...almost there.. 


Wade said...

Hi I have been following your progress on the collector and its super fascinating. I'm just wondering what you are rendering with?
It just looks like the irradiance map is a little low.
Excellent design skills. I love the back thruster design.
Very cool

Vaughan Ling said...

Thanks wade!

Irradiance is at 256. I'm still kind of new to these rendering settings, what do you recommend?

I'm modelling and rendering in Modo. So far it's been a joy to work with. The built in renderer is really quick and I'm pretty happy with the image quality!

Wade said...

Oh ok, I have no idea about Modo.
I use 3d Studio Max and Vray. You can get some amazing results but takes some learning.
Keep up the great designing.