Found these gems at "bongofish"?!?

The Persistence of Rappas
Salvador Dali

Birth of Lara
Sandro Botticelli

And another sketching video.  


Jonathan Russell said...

great music

Martin Engberg said...

Hey man,

Great video, I was wondering how did you get your camera to hang? Using a tripod?
Also the way you did those wheels in the boxes how do you know exactly how to draw the box, is it just from intuition? I know perspective ofc, but how wide the sides should be etc.

Vaughan Ling said...

Hi Martin,

The camera is very light so I just attached it to a mini flexible tripod and pinned it to the wall. As for the box, there is a way to calculate a cube accurately using a ruler but for this exercise I was just eyeballing it. The sides should be a bit shorter than the vertical corner closest to the viewer. After doing a few pages of cubes you should get the hang of it.

Martin Engberg said...

Okay thx Vaughan, I have begun doing these sketches, and it really works.