Lazy friday

Today I did absolutely no work. Fridays are my days off, so I got up around 2, ate some meijer brand smacks, moped around campus a bit, talked to one of my teachers about stuff, noticed the snow was kind of melted. The sun was kind of coming down so I went for a skate for the first time this term. It was real nice. And then Erin joined for another round of skating all around the relatively safe parts of Detroit. Thennn, went with all the roomies to get fresh yummy sushi and all the japanese foodstuffs we could want (half off Yoglife - Yogurt Flavored Drink!!) at Noblefish. Got home and ate ramen cuz the sushi was really smaller than I expected. Grandma called on the elevator, called her back after. Went bowling at the magic stick with the neighbors, Jay Ho, Kenzo, and other assorted upperclassmen. Us sophomores came 1,2,3, I guess we weren't drunk enough. Anyways, it was a good, solid, mope around, do no work, think no work day.

and this doesnt count, it was from yesterday :)


Aditya narayan said...

hey man, really love your work! would really like to know how you did the grey car render (closed rear wheel)... photoshop? I am not able to get the whole "soft-but-rough" feel that you got goin there...
PS im a transportation design student from NID, India.. here is my website


Vaughan Ling said...

Thanks for stopping by Aditya! Your sketches are looking good, nice energy in your lines. For rendering technique, I would say you are very close, but it seems like you are using small brush strokes (similar to a marker). I have found that with digital, using a much bigger brush (then erasing if needed) to block in areas will produce a cleaner effect. Also try using a combination of soft and hard brushes to get the effect you want. Good luck, hope that helps.