Detroit Library Update

Went to the public library today, just because I haven't gone there yet. There were really big old smelling rooms filled with books. I guess that's what I was expecting anyway.

Turns out Jon also went to the library for the first time on the same day, we had no idea, we swear! Thanks for the pictures Jon!

There was a nice big marble (?) staircase too:

Oh and then we went to Toys R Us and got a bowling set for our hallway. Pics soon..

Update on the Cadillac. I rediscovered the lasso tool out of necessity with this shape. (getting sharp edges in photoshop is a pain)


Jon Russell said...

damn dude im really liking this cadillac

Vaughan Ling said...

Muchos gracias senor. Sooo, is anybody going all digital next class?

Lazaro Gamio said...

stop drawing cars :)

Jon Russell said...

lol yesterday was my first time going to the library also...
yeah man you can use any of 'em.
I have more if you want.