Syd and stuff

Finally met Syd Mead at his CCS lecture yesterday, the auditorium was packed and people were camping out way before he arrived. I really hope by now you know who Syd Mead is, right? Hand of buttery smoothness style drafting master "visual futurist" is how I would put it. Anyways, it was fun seeing THE man and his work in person, a lifetime's worth of crazy gauche!

Here's his website and some of his paintings.

Here's my first gauche painting, for viscom class
Thumbnail: 4"x6"

Full size in progress: 15"x20"

some figures for tonight


stephensanity said...

wow lots of cool stuff to look thru here. Im surprised somebody actually follows my blog. but how did you find it?

Thomas Zenteno said...

I am so envious. I met one of Syd's roommates a few weeks back, John Marshall and he was telling me about all these crazy stories of how he and Syd would show up the senior class... Cant wait to see the final gouache jet.

Vaughan Ling said...

Seems like his graduating class must've been pretty crazy.

My 3D teacher was also in Syd's class.