CCS senior bonanza

Well this is all very top secret and if these are traced back to me I could be killed. Anyway, its all very exciting seeing these models come together and I hope the seniors don't care about me posting this.


chi and pro modeler:

half clay, 3d scanned and rebuilt in alias

T Moff jeep milled and primed. Z Whitty jeep in the back, Jake working on his hydrofoil jetskimabobber.

J Boyer's?

Chi's monstrosity, with old models and Roman behind.

An assortment of seniors and models

A D Tran dodge coming together quickly.

D. Tran and Chi on the assembly line.

The room will look like this most hours of the day and night.


D-Zine said...

thanks for posting this

Jon Russell said...

dude these seniors are bad ass... i think they are the best seniors we've had in a long time

Dong Tran said...

this is sweet man, thanks for posting