Offenbach am Main?

I was looking at visitors to the blog from google analytics, most are from places that I know nothing about. Who's in Offenbach am Main in Germany? Is there a school there? There seems to be a lone regular reader in Budapest Hungary. I got 1 visit from the whole of Africa this month. Woo! There's a cluster from Sao Paulo Brazil and Mexico City, some from San fran (AAU people?) and Pasadena (Art center), Paris (Strate), London (RCA?), Miami (DASH), Moscow(MAMI), a few from Pforzhiem (Pforzhiem). I guess my blog does better in the car nerd academic circles. Theres also the few loyal readers from random places around the world. Anyways, thanks for reading! Sorry I don't know any more languages.

Here's something that goes better without words anyway.

All Star Bash V from Will Roegge on Vimeo.


Matt von Conceptsalad said...

There's a Honda design studio in Offenbach.

László Fogarasi-Benkő said...

Budapest represent.

Paddy said...

Yeah, and I´m in Offenbach and checkin your stuff prob. once a week, plus I linked your blog so hopefully there`s more traffic from here. That said, it really is a rather dull place so you probably didn`t miss a lot, not knowing about it. Okay, honda`s here too, right,

Anonymous said...

Denmark representing :D

Vaughan Ling said...

Ahh this explains things..

Matt von Conceptsalad - what ever happened to conceptsalad???

Paddy I check your blog too, always love your clean linework.

Fogarasi I always liked your style, which school do you attend?

Anonymous - top secret identity?

me2510 said...

Anonomys, haha no I just couldn't login at that time!